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Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the Travel Agency "Majestic Travel"!

We were established in 2001 and today we have highly experienced and very professional staff in the field of incoming & international tourism. Our colleges are pleased to offer you the following services:
-    Hotel bookings
-    Travel transfers
-    Domestic and International ticketing
-   Visa support for foreigners

Сейфы для документов тут по ценам производителя.
Сейфы для документов тут по ценам производителя.

Possessing different discounts on booking, transports and other services our managers are offering you:
-   Individual and group services
-   Evening and week-end excursions around Moscow and other attractive historical regions of Russia with professional, high skilled English-, French-, German-, Italian-, Spanish-, Hungarian-speaking guides and interpreters
-   Various  tours and excursions around  The golden Ring, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Kaluga`s region (close to Moscow; the native town of Tziolkovskiy – the father of Russian cosmonautics; world famous convents & monasteries   that inspired Dostoevskiy, Tolstoy, Gogol) and others historical places with the same guides
-   Voyages down the rivers and channels of Russia
-   Cultural programs for business trips

Reach us by phone or by E-mail, inquire for various excursions, hotels, transports  or interpreters and we would be glad to satisfy your tastes at once!

Сейфы для документов тут по ценам производителя.